How to make communication in Telegram and WhatsApp secure

January 30, 2024  20:19

If Telegram or WhatsApp sends service notifications, it may indicate a compromise of the messenger account, according to Victor Ievlev, a senior specialist in the information security department at the "Garda" group of companies, as reported by "Gazeta.Ru."

In such cases, Ievlev advises checking the active sessions of the messenger, meaning all instances of account logins from other devices such as computers, smartphones of relatives, work devices, or old gadgets. All active sessions should be closed.

In Telegram, you can do this by going to "Settings," opening "Devices," and selecting "Terminate other sessions." In WhatsApp, open "Settings," go to "Linked devices," choose each unnecessary device, and click "Sign out."

To protect conversations and personal data, Ievlev recommends users not to click on links from unfamiliar senders. He emphasizes the importance of vigilance, even when receiving unexpected links from familiar contacts. In such cases, it is better to contact the sender through another communication channel and verify the circumstances.

The expert notes that, in most cases, scammers aim to steal account credentials by sending messages asking users to vote in a contest, authenticate on a fake website, or perform other fraudulent actions. He underscores the necessity of being vigilant in such situations.

In case of opening a malicious link, enabling two-factor authentication can help protect the account. This feature can be activated not only in Telegram and WhatsApp but also in Viber and "VK Messenger."

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