What are 5 most anticipated Apple devices in 2024?

December 25, 2023  10:34

The upcoming year promises to be significant for Apple, as the company is set to launch a new product lineup for the first time since 2015. Alongside this, several anticipated devices will be introduced, as briefly outlined by the MacRumors editorial team.

First and foremost, MacRumors highlights the AirPods. In 2024, Apple is expected to unveil two versions of the AirPods 4: a more expensive one and a more affordable one. Both will feature an updated design, but only the pricier model will be equipped with active noise cancellation.

In the coming year, the tech giant will introduce a multitude of new iPads, with particular anticipation for the Pro version featuring Apple's first-ever OLED display for a tablet. OLED screens are not only expected to enhance the display quality but also contribute to making the iPad slimmer. Hence, journalists are eagerly awaiting a design update for these devices.

2024 marks the anniversary for Apple Watch, and in celebration, Apple is likely to introduce the Apple Watch X. This new iteration will boast a fresh design and new strap attachments. A key feature of the device will be its ability to measure blood pressure in the user's body.

The iPhone 16 series is also highly anticipated. Although the device may not undergo radical improvements, journalists hope to see an overhauled camera system, larger screens in the Pro versions, and the integration of new processors.

The most intriguing product of 2024 is the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Despite being viewed as a promising device, initial reviews have been reserved. Based on this, MacRumors remains somewhat skeptical about the success of the first-generation Vision Pro. Nevertheless, journalists are nearly certain that, despite modest sales, Apple will continue to develop the mixed reality headset series.

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