Why is it recommended to turn off your phone at least once a week?

November 15, 2023  18:19

To increase the life of your smartphone, it is recommended to completely turn it off for a few minutes - or even hours - at least once a week. This advice was shared by Russian technoexpert Sergei Birzhevoy.

According to him, like a computer, a mobile phone needs to be turned off periodically to free up system resources occupied by applications and processes.

The specialist also noted that it is advisable to charge the smartphone when the battery level is approximately 75%. Charging at 25% discharge level or below may reduce the device's ability to hold a charge. According to Birgevoy, it is recommended to charge the battery at a higher discharge level to maintain its optimal condition.

In addition to this, the expert advises regularly deleting unnecessary applications, files and cache from instant messengers, which helps improve phone performance and reduce the load on the processor and RAM. It is also recommended to disable unnecessary push notifications and the always-on location feature.

Exchange also emphasizes the importance of installing operating updates that can fix bugs, address vulnerabilities, and offer new methods for managing power and battery performance.

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