Sony patents new technology that lets you replay game from any point possible

November 14, 2023  22:23

Sony has patented a new technology for video games: as Insider Gaming reports, the new technology is called ‘Content streaming with gameplay launch’ and it can greatly facilitate the process of passing difficult areas in games.

In regular video games, the gameplay is divided into intervals between autosave points, and the transition between them can take a long time, sometimes even several tens of minutes. This can be difficult for gamers, because if they fail, they have to replay large sections of the game.

The proposed technology involves dividing these gameplay intervals into shorter ‘subchapters.’ Now gamers can select the desired spot and load it directly, without having to replay from the save point.

Insider Gaming notes that if this feature is implemented, it will greatly simplify the work of content creators. Specifically, it will allow them to start recording games at specific moments, avoiding having to replay large portions to get the scenes they want.

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