Microsoft and Inworld AI partnership: AI will now help create videogames

November 9, 2023  21:30

Microsoft has announced a multi-year partnership with Inworld AI, under which the companies will develop artificial intelligence tools that can be used to create video games.

This collaboration leverages Inworld AI's expertise in working with generative AI models for character development, as well as Microsoft Research's technical expertise on the future of the gaming industry and the power of Azure OpenAI solutions.

One of the key areas of work will be developing AI that will help game designers explore a wider range of creative ideas. Artificial intelligence will create scenarios, dialogue threads, quests and other game elements, based on the game designer’s tips.

The second direction of cooperation is to create an AI-based mechanism that will dynamically generate quests and dialogues within games for players.

While the exact timing of the first games created with the participation of AI is not yet known, this partnership opens up prospects for the future development of the gaming industry.

On the other hand, this could put many developers, game designers, scriptwriters and many others out of work, which could create a lot of problems in this area.

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