Why can't you charge your iPhone 15 using power banks?

September 29, 2023  21:44

Users of the new iPhone 15 are faced with an unexpected problem related to the incorrect operation of some power banks: the smartphone not only does not charge from them, but, on the contrary, transfers energy to external batteries.

As MacRumors reports, based on numerous requests, not all power banks with a USB-C connector are compatible with the iPhone 15. In some cases, the smartphone either does not start charging or begins to transfer its energy to an external battery. It is believed that this issue may be due to the iPhone's reverse charging feature not working properly.

The problem affects many models of power banks. In particular, there is information about incorrect synchronization of the smartphone with the Anker PowerCore Slim 10K PD. Manufacturer Anker has already responded to user complaints, indicating that the only way to charge the iPhone is to use the USB-A port.

MacRumors emphasizes that due to the variety of power banks on the market, it is difficult to compile a complete list of accessories with which the iPhone 15 may be incompatible.

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