First-generation unopened iPhone sells for a record price

July 17, 2023  16:02

At American LCG Auctions, an original 2007 first-generation unopened iPhone sold for the highest price to date of $158,644. This was reported by the Chinese MyDrivers magazine, noting that the initial price of the lot was $10,000.

Such a high selling price of an original unopened iPhone is due to the fact that it is a rare model and has 4 GB of internal memory, not 8 GB. As LCG Auctions founder Mark Montero explained, the first 4GB iPhones are about 20% less common at auction than the 8GB versions

As MyDrivers reports, 2007 4GB iPhones became so rare because Apple quickly stopped their production. That decision was made because most buyers chose the 8GB version at launch.

Original iPhones of the first generations are highly valuable collectibles in any case, although according to MyDrivers, at the time of auction, some smartphones can no longer be switched on and cannot be used at all.

Earlier a sealed first-generation iPhone was sold at auction in February of this year for $63,356, and another was sold for nearly $40,000 in October of last year.

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