iPhone 15 Pro Max to cost more than iPhone 14 Pro Max: Why?

July 7, 2023  13:24

This year, Apple will increase the price of the most expensive version of the iPhone 15, MacRumors reports, citing Haitong International Securities insider and technical analyst Jeff Pu.

Pu did not reveal the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but only said that it will be different from and higher than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The latter was released in 2022 and costs $1,099.

Also, Pu did not talk about the reasons for the increase in the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. MacRumors, however, believes that this novelty will be more expensive due to its periscope lens providing 5-6 times optical zoom. According to reports, the iPhone 15 Pro will have a classic telephoto module with 3x optical zoom.

The aforesaid insider at Haitong International Securities added that mass production of all versions of the iPhone 15 will begin in August; that is, within the schedule of previous years. This means that, most likely, these new smartphones will be unveiled in September, as usual, and their deliveries to stores will begin in October.

Pu believes that by the year’s end, Apple will release 83 million new iPhones, most of which will be Pro and Pro Max.

Earlier it became known that Apple has postponed the production of a new version of its fourth generation budget iPhone SE smartphone for three years, until 2025. The reason for the delay is the problems related to the supply of OLED screens; Chinese company BOE, which was supposed to supply screens for the iPhone SE 4, could not meet Apple's quality requirements.

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