Mandatory Windows 11 updates slow down computers by 7 times

July 3, 2023  12:53

The mandatory updates for Windows 11 that Microsoft has been releasing since March 2023 are seriously slowing down SSDs on some PCs.

According to Windows Latest, updates slow down SSDs so much that users face problems not only when moving large amounts of files from one directory to another, but also when performing basic tasks. The speed of turning on the PC and launching games also suffers.

Many users share their feedback about this problem online. Some confirm their words by posting screenshots of the SSD test results in the CrystalDiskMark program before and after installing updates. Judging by them, in some cases the speed of the disk drops from 7000 MB / s to 1000 MB / s, that is, as much as 7 times.

Updates KB5023778 (March 2023), KB5025239 (April 2023), KB5026372 (May 2023), KB5027231 and KB5027303 (June 2023) are slowing down the PC, according to the publication.

Microsoft has not yet commented on this situation. However, according to Windows Latest, the SSD performance issue can be resolved by rolling back to a previous version of Windows prior to installing the March update KB5023778.

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