Google Gemini AI assistant launched in Gmail: What opportunities does it open up?

June 25, 2024  22:21

Google has begun implementing Gemini, an AI assistant, into the web version of its Gmail email service. The new tool, available in the sidebar, is designed to make email easier for users. The AI ​​assistant provides a summary of information from correspondence and helps in creating new letters.

Features and Features

When working with email, Gemini offers “proactive tips” and allows you to ask free-form questions. This system is built on top of Google's most powerful models, including Gemini 1.5 Pro. The feature of compiling summaries based on correspondence history is also available in the Gmail mobile application.

Availability and restrictions

Currently, these features are only available to paid users of Gemini: Google Workspace subscribers with Gemini Business or Enterprise plans, Gemini Education or Education Premium, and Google One AI Premium. Although an AI assistant can greatly facilitate solving work tasks, users are advised to double-check the letters generated by the system, since the problem with AI “hallucinations” has not yet been resolved.

Future updates

In the future, Gemini features will be available in other Google office web apps, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. At the I/O event in May, the company announced that they were already preparing to go public. Gmail is also set to get a Contextual Smart Reply feature.

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