What are signs that your smartphone is being wiretapped?

June 20, 2023  12:19

The most obvious and common signs of a smartphone being infected or wiretapped are extraneous sounds during a conversation, said Vahe Zakaryan, head of the Gem4me platform development team.

In an interview with Lenta.ru, the specialist noted that the spontaneous activation of the smartphone screen can also be a signal of malicious activity in the smartphone. 

"Slow operation of all functions and apps on the smartphone is also a reason to think and find out the reason for such behavior of the device. Maybe the culprit is the virus that consumes most of the RAM," said the specialist.

Also, Zakaryan advises to pay attention to how quickly the amount of the mobile internet is used up. According to him, the reason for this could be that the device sends data to hackers on a regular basis, so such a "symptom" should not be ignored either.

The specialist recommends checking the presence of virus programs on the smartphone by using special antivirus apps.

Hackers can use wireless data transfer technologies, such as Apple AirDrop, to send unwanted or malicious files to users' devices. And this means that even if you haven't downloaded anything suspicious to your smartphone or visited any potentially dangerous websites, it still doesn't mean your phone is "clean."

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