How can hackers infect iPhones with viruses?

June 19, 2023  14:15

Hackers can use wireless data transfer technologies such as Apple AirDrop to send unwanted or malicious files to people's devices, warns Boris Lopatin, a senior expert on the investigation of fraud cases at MegaFon.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the specialist recommended not to use the AirDrop function to exchange data between Apple devices in public places. However, if you use it, it is recommended that you enable the "Only for contacts" option on the device to limit access to AirDrop on other devices.

To keep your device safe, it's also recommended to turn off auto-connect to Wi-Fi so that your smartphone doesn't connect to unsecured networks that can be controlled by hackers.

Moreover, Lopatin advises not to make financial transactions and not to enter social media accounts if your smartphone is connected to public Wi-Fi points, especially if a password is not required to connect to them. In such cases, it is recommended to use the device's mobile or home Internet. Otherwise, there is a risk of leakage of confidential information.

According to the expert, it is safer to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots that require a password that have WPA/WPA2 encryption mechanisms to protect user data.

Also, Lopatin recommended visiting only websites that have an HTTPS certificate for digital security; this is a well-known standard for all websites that have a secure connection.

The risk of being infected with a malicious program concerns not only iPhones, but also Android smartphones, which can also receive files through a wireless channel, including unsafe ones.



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