New iMac to be launched at year’s end, to have new—M3—processor

February 14, 2023  12:07

Apple will release the iMac new generation desktop computer this year with a new—M3—chip, reports Bloomberg.

The American company has postponed the launch of this computer until the end of 2023, so that the new computers will not be manufactured with the M2, but with the new—M3—processor. At the same time, the unveiling of the new chip is expected in the second half of the year.

"I haven't seen anything to indicate there will be a new iMac until the M3 chip generation, which won't arrive until the tail end of this year at the earliest or next year. So if you want to stick with the iMac, you'll just have to sit tight," wrote Mark Gurman, a tech reporter for Bloomberg.

The M3 chip will be based on the latest 3nm process, which will provide better performance and power efficiency compared to the M2 processor, which is based on a 5nm process.

Bloomberg added that not only the iMac will receive the new processor, but also the new MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops, as well as the Mac mini computer.

In January, Apple introduced faster versions of MacBook Pro laptops and Mac mini desktop computers. The new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros have more powerful M2 Pro and M2 Max chips that replaced the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. The Mac mini also got two processor variants: the same M2 and M2 Pro.

The price of updated 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,999, while the 16-inch version remains at $2,499. The Mac mini costs $599, which is $100 less than the previous version. 

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