AI-related companies’ shares skyrocket on hype surrounding ChatGPT: Open AI introduces paid version of ChatGPT

February 2, 2023  12:26

Due to its popularity, the ChatGPT chatbot of the Open AI company contributes to the increase in the share prices of other companies, which in one way or another are related to AI technologies or whose name contains the abbreviation AI—short version of artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, OpenAI has introduced a paid version of ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month.

ChatGPT has caused a stir

The rise in popularity of the ChatGPT chatbot has created a lot of hype around the potential use of AI technologies in various industries. Companies that make chips designed to perform complex computational tasks, media companies that seek to use generative algorithms for content creation, and developers of software products based on neural networks. This is not a complete list of companies whose shares have been rising steadily in recent times thanks to the popularity of ChatGPT.

For example, shares of Holdings Inc., which uses AI algorithms to analyze customer data, have soared fivefold this month. The BuzzFeed Inc. media company recently had to cut costs due to a slowdown in the digital advertising segment, but in just a few days, the company's stocks have risen 300%. This was helped by the announcement that the company intends to use AI to create media content. The shares of software developer company Inc. rose a record 77% last month.

As long as the hype around AI technologies does not die down, analysts do not rule out the emergence of new companies that will add the abbreviation "AI" to their name in order to attract the attention of investors.

Microsoft recently announced plans to invest $10 billion in Open AI, which needs funding and cloud computing power to build more complex models. The software giant also announced that it intends to use the algorithms created in Open AI in its existing and future products. Later it became known that ChatGPT created by Open AI exceeds all expectations. It was able to pass the final exam at one of the best business schools, then apply for a job for which it wrote a motivation letter, then do a test task better than 80% of applicants, after which the HR professionals, thinking they were dealing with a person, invited ChatGPT for an interview.

According to Wall Street analysts, NVIDIA will benefit the most from investments in AI companies, as it is the main supplier of graphics processors that power AI models. Shares of NVIDIA rose 34% in January, the company's best performance in six years.

ChatGPT Plus—paid version

OpenAI has introduced a paid version of its popular ChatGPT Plus chatbot for $20 per month. All you need to do to enter is submit an application. The ChatGPT Plus will be able to be first tested in the US. OpenAI has said that it will launch the service in other countries as well, but at a later date.

The developers promised that the paid version of the chatbot will always be available for use. Now many users of the free version see the following message: “ChatGPT is at capacity right now,” and it will give more answers during the day than the free version. The paid version will also have the ability to preview new features.

OpenAI has warned that the trial version of ChatGPT Plus also has limitations—as it generates wrong information, biased content or malicious instructions—and can only provide a portion of the data in response to a query about events after 2021.

As of the beginning of December, the ChatGPT had more than one million users, whereas in January, their number increased tenfold. OpenAI spends a lot of resources to maintain the free version of the chatbot. Users who tried ChatGPT Pro for $42 per month in January said the chatbot was much faster than the free version, but they were unhappy with the subscription price. Perhaps OpenAI has taken into account that dissatisfaction and has now introduced a subscription at a lower price.

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