IndOS: India developing operating system that could seriously compete with Android, iOS

January 23, 2023  14:25

India is developing its own mobile operating system that should seriously compete with Android and iOS. According to preliminary data, it will be called IndOS. But so far, there is no information on the stage of development of this operating system, when it might enter the market, and what features it will have.

As Business Standard notes, this new operating system is a joint initiative of the Indian government, startups, and scientists.

An unnamed Indian official said the goal of creating its own operating system is to compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS to give Indian users more choice. Today, about 97% of mobile users in India use Android.

“India is one of the largest mobile device markets in the globe. Our objective is to create a secure Indian mobile operating system that could also create choices and competition,” the official said.

Indian mobile phone manufacturers also agree that it is necessary to create their own operating system.

According to experts, it takes more than just ambition and a good idea to create a new operating system that can truly compete with Android. Ultimately, many wanted to have their own operating system, but so far no one has managed to create something truly competitive. Even companies like Nokia, Microsoft, and Mozilla have failed at this task.

The Samsung company, which today owns about 20% of the smartphone market, also had tried to make its Tizen operating system popular, but nothing came of it.

If India wants to create an operating system that will really attract a large number of users and compete with the two most popular platforms today, then the developers will have to think of something completely new, fresh, but at the same time suitable for users, app developers, and smartphone manufacturers.

There will also be many difficulties along the way, as it will be necessary to develop not only the operating system itself, but also its app store—such as the App Store or Google Play—and ensure its safe and uninterrupted operation.

It will also be necessary to convince app developers to adapt their products to the new operating system. With this, however, most likely, there will be no problems. If the new operating system is popular enough, the developers themselves will be interested in introducing their product to a large number of users. 

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