Amazon wants to replace HR specialists with artificial intelligence

November 28, 2022  21:24

Amazon plans to replace some of its recruiters and HR specialists with artificial intelligence. This conclusion can be drawn from the data of a secret document, which appeared in the possession of the authors of Recode magazine.

In the biggest layoffs in the company's history, hundreds of junior and mid-level HR professionals in the U.S. and India were asked to leave voluntarily. And it looks like they will be replaced by artificial intelligence. What's more, Amazon's artificial intelligence technology, known at the company as Automated Applicant Evaluation, or AAE, is already ready: the company has been testing it since last year.

The technology, according to media reports, can quite effectively predict which applicants have the most potential for a particular position, then guide them to an interview, with the program working without the recruiter's supervision. AAE's artificial intelligence looks for similar details in the resumes of successful Amazon employees and those of citizens applying for similar jobs.

At Amazon, AAE technology was first tested on applicants for the company's medical staff positions, but has since been used to select candidates from applicants for much more responsible positions, from software engineers to technical program managers.

Many experts believe that such a demanding task as hiring new employees cannot be trusted to artificial intelligence. According to CodePath co-founder and CTO Natan Ashkenazi, artificial intelligence can be even more biased than it first appears. According to Mashable, an internal Amazon document states that AAE is free from racial or gender bias, but we should not forget that a few years ago the company already gave up its artificial intelligence recruiter because it had left out many talented and professional people due to its bias and thus created problems that it was created to solve.


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