Sentry Enterprise presents first bank card with screen: How does it work?

April 19, 2024  17:10

Sentry Enterprises has introduced the world's first bank card with an integrated OLED screen. The screen is activated during contact with the payment terminal and informs users about the transaction, reports the OLED-Info website.

The new cards are called Radiance. Such a solution not only provides additional security for users, but also becomes a unique advertisement for the bank that issues these cards.

The OLED screen gets its power from the built-in NFC module. The closer the card is to the payment terminal, the more the built-in screen lights up. This enables the cardholder to understand if the card is at a sufficient distance from the terminal to make a payment.

These unusual cards have support for VISA and MasterCard payment systems, but there is still no information about which banks will be the first to introduce these cards with OLED screens.

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