Amazon introduces a competitor to ChatGPT, designed also for developers

November 29, 2023  18:13

Amazon has introduced a chatbot named Q, intended to serve as an assistant for developers in their daily tasks, and it is currently available in preview mode. This solution aims to compete with ChatGPT.

As of now, Amazon Q chatbot supports the following features:

  • Answers to questions and text generation on general topics. The generated response includes detailed explanations and links to websites and materials that can aid in a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • The ability to specify specific requirements for generation to clarify context and use case scenarios.
  • Error correction directly in the AWS service console, saving time on manual log analysis.
  • Assistance in choosing the optimal configuration of an Amazon EC2 instance for a specific workload.
  • Integration with code editors and popular IDEs, allowing users to ask questions without switching between windows and generate code snippets.
  • Automatic updating of application code. In the preview version, Amazon Q can be used for migrating from Java 8 and 11 to version 17.

Amazon Q is currently available in preview mode through AWS Console, Amazon CodeCatalyst, the Amazon CodeWhisperer plugin for IDEs, and chat. A mobile application release is expected in the future. The chatbot is offered in two plans: Business for $20 per month and Builder for $25.

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