Titan Image Generator: Amazon Unveils Its Own Image Generator Tool: What Makes It Special?

November 30, 2023  16:01

At the AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon has introduced its own AI image generator, Titan Image Generator, on the Bedrock platform. The tool is designed to create images based on textual queries and offers support for various editing functions for existing images, Engadget.com reports.

According to Amazon, the Titan Image Generator can generate "vast amounts of realistic studio-quality images at a low cost." The company claims that the tool can create images based on complex textual prompts, ensuring the accuracy of the composition of generated objects with minimal distortions. Amazon's developers state that this will help "reduce the creation of harmful content and mitigate the spread of misinformation."

The Titan Image Generator's features also allow for the editing of individual elements in an image, adding or removing additional details. For instance, the tool enables users to replace the background on an image and replace or remove an object held by a person in the frame. The AI algorithms used in the Titan Image Generator can also expand the composition of an image by adding additional artificial details, similar to the Generative Expand function in Photoshop.

The company emphasizes that its AI image generator, Titan, automatically applies an invisible watermark to each generated image, unseen by the naked eye. According to the company, this feature will help "reduce the spread of misinformation by providing an inconspicuous mechanism for identifying AI-generated images" and contribute to the safe, reliable, and transparent development of artificial intelligence technologies. Amazon claims that these watermarks cannot be removed or altered. According to a published video demonstrating the operation of the Titan Image Generator, the tool can also create image descriptions or relevant text for later use in social.

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