Apple Watch saves life of Canadian firefighter

June 18, 2024  18:10

Canadian firefighter Travis Chalmers shared how his Apple Watch saved his life by alerting him to serious health problems, as reported by Global News.

While playing hockey with his son, Chalmers felt a heat in his chest and a headache, but thought these were just symptoms of an oncoming cold. However, when he looked at his smartwatch screen, he saw that he had atrial fibrillation – a dangerous condition where the heart's ventricles beat in a rapid, chaotic manner.

“I then lay with my daughter for another half hour, monitoring my heart rate with the Apple Watch – it felt like it was ready to jump out of my chest,” he said.

After being quickly hospitalized, doctors diagnosed Chalmers with a complete blockage of one of his arteries. If he hadn’t paid attention to the watch's alert, he could have faced a heart attack or stroke.

Despite maintaining excellent physical fitness, Chalmers was very surprised by the results of the medical tests. He admitted that he is very grateful to his Apple Watch for the timely warning of danger.

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