What are the fastest growing AI cryptocurrencies?

June 21, 2024  13:42

According to the latest data from the analytical service CryptoRank, cryptocurrencies from projects related to artificial intelligence (AI) have seen a 17% increase in trading volumes over the past 24 hours, reaching $1.3 billion. The market capitalization of tokens in this category also grew by 11%, reaching $14.6 billion, reports Rbc.ru.

The leading growth among AI-related crypto assets was seen in the cryptocurrency of the Fetch.ai platform, which uses machine learning algorithms. Its price increased by 29% over the past day, reaching $1.68. This platform, designed to connect Internet of Things devices, was launched in 2017 by Cambridge graduates.

The token of the decentralized platform for AI developers SingularityNET also showed a 25% increase. Other successful projects include the OCEAN cryptocurrency, used in the Ocean Protocol project (+23%), the RNDR token (+2%), and the TAO cryptocurrency (+6%). The token of the Worldcoin project, developed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, also increased by 4%.

It has been observed that altcoins in this group often react with sharp price jumps when news related to AI achievements appears in the media. For example, in February, several major crypto assets simultaneously responded with growth to the record financial performance of NVIDIA. AI-oriented crypto assets showed similar dynamics with news about the ChatGPT chatbot and the launch of the Sora graphical AI.

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