Nvidia becomes most valuable company in the world

June 20, 2024  17:45

The American manufacturer of chips and computer equipment, Nvidia, has become the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Microsoft and Apple by market capitalization. In addition, the company has practically doubled its value since the beginning of the year.

Nvidia shares rose 3.5% to $135.58 a share, a new all-time high. As a result, the market value of the company is 3.34 trillion dollars.

At the same time, Microsoft shares fell by 0.45%, reducing the company's capitalization to $3.317 trillion. Apple shares also recorded negative dynamics. Their price fell by more than 1%, as a result of which the capitalization of the company was 3.286 trillion dollars.

It should be noted that already at the beginning of June, Nvidia's market capitalization exceeded the 3 trillion mark, which ultimately enabled the company to occupy the second place in the list of the most valuable companies, surpassing Apple by this indicator.

According to analysts, Nvidia's rapid growth is due to the company's focus on developing the computer chips needed to train artificial intelligence models. In addition, some analysts predict that the company's capitalization will continue to grow and reach up to $4 trillion by the end of this year.

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