watchOS 11 has new health and activity tracking features

June 12, 2024  10:21

As part of the WWDC 2024 presentation, Apple introduced an update to watchOS 11, the operating system for the company's smart watches, in which there are new functions for tracking human activity and health indicators.

Vitals app

Vitals is a new app that tracks key indicators of healthy sleep, including sleep duration, heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen levels, and wrist-based body temperature. If there is a deviation from the norm in two or more indicators, the application will inform about it. It is noted that this may indicate a disease or violation of other vital processes.

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Pregnancy tracking

The Health app will include a pregnancy tracking section that will remind the user every month to get a mental health evaluation. It will help protect against the development of depression due to rapid changes in the body. By analyzing data on a person's walking, in the third trimester of pregnancy, the application will warn about the risk of falling while walking.

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Activity rings

Activity rings can be customized and set different activity goals for each day of the week. For example, on weekends you can set minimum values so you can rest without hurting your activity metrics too much. In addition, you can take a break for any period of time, which is especially useful in cases where a person has been injured or has gone on a long vacation.

The iPhone Fitness app can be configured to show activity and workout data. In other words, the user will always have access to relevant and up-to-date data.

After training, you can rate the level of exertion on a scale of one to ten. For some types of cardio, an automatic scoring mode will be available based on information gathered during the workout.

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watchOS 11 will have a watch face editor that resembles the iPhone's lock screen editor in design. Users will be able to use photos, filters and different fonts for the clock.

A smart folder will appear in the list of widgets, which will analyze user activity and suggest the most suitable widgets.

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