Apple halts development of Vision Pro 2: What is the reason?

June 19, 2024  18:41

Apple has redirected its efforts towards developing a more affordable and budget-friendly augmented reality headset instead of the second version of its flagship product, Vision Pro. The company has reduced the number of employees working on the second generation of Vision Pro and suspended contracts with component suppliers. This information comes from an investigation by The Information, reported by MacRumors.

Previously, Apple planned to release two lines of headsets—the flagship Vision Pro and a more budget-friendly model. However, the company has now deprioritized the development of Vision Pro 2. Apple is focusing on reducing the cost of components for the current generation of Vision Pro and creating an updated display for the next budget model.

According to sources, Apple began work on a budget version of augmented reality glasses under the codename N109 as early as 2022. The goal was to sell this model at the price of top-end iPhones, around $1600. The initial plan was to launch the new model by the end of 2024, but the prototype was never completed. Apple is now striving to minimize the device's cost without losing key features, which will likely delay the announcement until at least the end of 2025.

The budget model will have the same high-quality displays as the first-generation Vision Pro but will feature fewer cameras, simpler head mounting, and less powerful speakers. Additionally, the new gadget will be one-third lighter than the flagship model.

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