Black Shark smart ring from Xiaomi to have interesting characteristics and phenomenal autonomy: 180 days of operation without recharging (photo)

April 15, 2024  16:32

Black Shark, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, is developing a smart ring with very interesting characteristics and phenomenal autonomy: it is expected that it will be able to work as much as 180 days without recharging, which is much more than what Samsung promises for its Galaxy Ring - only 5-9 days.

However, it should be noted that Black Shark did not specify in which modes the ring will be able to work for 180 days on a single charge. Perhaps we are talking about “standby mode”, when the device is not actually used. In addition, the ring is advertised with a proprietary charging case, like wireless headphones, which means that “180 days” could mean the battery life, including recharging from the case.

Black Shark 1.jpg (215 KB)

What else is known about the new smart ring?

Its thickness, as the developer promises, will be only 2.2 mm: this design, according to Black Shark, contributes to “comfortable wearing.” Most smart rings on the market are, of course, thicker. Oura Ring Gen3, whose thickness is 2.55 mm, is considered quite comfortable by users, so a thinner ring from Black Shark will certainly be more convenient.

Black Shark 2.jpg (266 KB)

The ring can be used for “comprehensive health tracking”: the manufacturer promises accurate tracking of pulse, blood oxygen saturation levels, body temperature and heart rate variability.

The release date and price of the device have not yet been specified.

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