Famous blogger earns $1 million by publishing only 5 old videos on X

April 8, 2024  12:17

YouTube's most famous blogger MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) published only five old videos in X social network in two months and received 1 million dollars from their monetization. The blogger wrote about this in X.

MrBeast posted videos on X of him driving a train into a huge pit, helping to find home for 100 abandoned dogs, testing cars ranging in price from $1 to $100 million, and more. Each of the videos collected 123 to 177 million views on the social network. In total, MrBeast's videos have garnered more than 750 million views on Elon Musk's platform.

"Until now, the income from advertising on X is about one million dollars. I'm just adding them to my video budget so I can spend more on content,” MrBeast wrote, commenting on the results of the X experiment.

It is not known whether the blogger will continue to post his videos on X. However, in a recent post, MrBeast called the experience with X "awesome".

MrBeast now has 250 million followers, topped the list of YouTube's top monetized bloggers in 2023, earning more than $100 million (tax included). One video published by him brings an average income of 1.8 million dollars.

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