YouTube now allows you to remove copyrighted songs from a video

July 8, 2024  14:11

The YouTube Studio tool update called Erase Song now allows the removal of copyrighted music from videos while preserving other sounds in the track, including voiceovers and sound effects.

Previously, video creators could address copyright issues by replacing audio files with songs from the YouTube library, trimming the entire segment, or muting the audio. This ensured that the published content remained monetized.

Erase Song was initially available as a beta feature for muting copyrighted music in YouTube videos. However, the company found that the tool's performance did not meet standards. YouTube has now added an AI-based algorithm for more accurate identification and removal of content that violates licensing terms.

youtube erase song.jpeg (82 KB)

When selecting the feature, users can choose to remove copyrighted sound from specified segments or mute the audio in those sections.

Erase Song will be available in both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube Studio. The company warns that processing times may vary after making changes.

In early July, YouTube allowed users to report AI-generated videos. Additionally, the video hosting service requires labeling content created with AI tools.

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