Apple planning to create its own metaworld and VR headset?

November 15, 2022  10:15

Apple is planning to create its own metaworld - along with a special VR headset. That, at least, is the opinion of Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, who is rarely wrong in such matters.

In a weekly newsletter, he noted that Apple has already developed the first version of an operating system, code-named Oak, designed for the future VR headset. The release version of the operating system, according to the journalist, will be ready next year.

In recent months, Apple has begun to hire specialists in the field of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In particular, the company is interested in developers of game services and visual effects designers, as well as specialists for the integration of iOS applications. According to Gurman, all this also indicates that the company is working on its own meta-universe.

As reveals, Apple has also been transferring experienced engineers from other departments to the virtual reality team lately. That's how Yaniv Gur, a technical director with 20 years of experience at Apple who, until recently, led app development for the office suite iWork, took over the project.

Apple also hired Dave Scott, who was a senior manager on the Project Titan drone development team until 2021. He then left Apple to work on a health care startup, and that experience leads experts to believe that Apple's new headset will have health-related features as well.

Apple is expected to unveil a new virtual reality headset in 2023. However, it is likely to be very expensive, and its first version will be designed not for the consumer market, but for developers and professionals.

What will Apple's meta universe be like? What will it offer users? This is still quite difficult to imagine. Especially since Meta's experience in creating a meta-universe can hardly be called a success.

Horizon Worlds, the flagship project of Zuckerberg and his Meta Platforms, does not meet the expectations of developers: users are not interested in it, moreover, even employees of the company hardly visit it.

However, in theory, Apple has an opportunity to take into account all the mistakes made by the competitor and present a really interesting metaworld to users.

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