Woman claims she had bruises under her eyes after using Apple Vision Pro: What other problems does it cause?

April 10, 2024  22:31

The MarketWatch portal has gathered the main complaints from users of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. One user complained that after just an hour of using the Vision Pro, they developed bruises under their eyes.

Others report feeling pain at the base of the skull and upper back after a two-hour session. Users of the Vision Pro also complain on social media about swelling and dryness of the eyes.

The company declined to comment on user complaints to journalists, redirecting them to a website with recommendations for using the Vision Pro. On the Apple website, it is warned that prolonged use of the device may cause discomfort.

Apple advises taking breaks every 20-30 minutes and discontinuing use if feeling unwell. The company also does not recommend continuing to use the headset for those experiencing eye strain, headaches, or other discomfort.

The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset was first introduced in June 2023 and went on sale in the US on February 2, 2024, with prices starting at $3,500 (approximately 324,600 rubles). The company intends to release the headset in other countries by the end of this year.

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