Rollme unveils R2 smart ring that tracks health and works in standby mode for 60 days

March 12, 2024  20:24

Rollme has showcased its smart ring, the Rollme R2, on its website. The device provides up to 10 days of autonomy under active usage and includes features for monitoring SpO2 levels, heart rate, as well as tracking sleep quality and duration.

Health tracking data collected by the Rollme R2 can be viewed through the accompanying mobile app. While the device lacks temperature monitoring, it does feature a remote camera control function.

Additionally, the smart ring offers several sports modes and step-counting capabilities. The battery life of the Rollme R2 can extend up to 60 days in standby mode, and it can be charged using a charging case.

The Rollme R2 smart ring is available in six sizes, weighs around 2.9 grams, and comes in three color options: champagne gold, pearl white, and premium black. The Rollme R2 health smart ring is globally accessible for $90.

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