Chrome has new powerful search features that work even on weak connections

March 1, 2024  20:17

Google has introduced new features for the Chrome browser, aiming to make the process of searching for information more efficient and convenient for users, even with limited internet connectivity. These updates affect both the mobile versions on iOS and Android and the desktop version of the browser, offering improved search mechanisms and result visualization.

One of the key innovations is the integration of search suggestions based on other users' queries in the desktop version of Chrome. Now, when a user starts typing a query, the browser not only suggests autofill based on the user's search history but also complements it with popular queries reflecting common trends. This broadens the scope of search, providing the user with a wider range of possible topics of interest.

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In the mobile versions of Chrome, a significant step forward is the incorporation of images to accompany search queries. Previously, the browser displayed images in the address bar only for exact queries, such as a specific model of a dining table like "Isanti dining table." Now, even more general queries, such as "bohemian table," are accompanied by an image, making the search not only more informative but also intuitively understandable.

The most intriguing feature is the optimization of search for mobile versions of Chrome in conditions of poor internet connectivity. Google claims that, thanks to enhanced device capabilities, search will work even with a weak internet connection. Although the company does not disclose technical details, it can be assumed that minimal connectivity is now required for search to function, presenting a significant advantage in unstable internet conditions.

These updates are already available to users.

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