WhatsApp has new useful feature (photo)

February 22, 2024  14:17

The popular WhatsApp messenger has new options for text formatting: you can now structure a test in messages, highlight quotes, and use other types of text formatting.

As The Verge reports, new methods have been added to the existing methods for highlighting text in bold (*Text*), italics (_Text_), strikethrough (~Text~) and monospaced fonts (```Text```). So, now you can create lists with bullets (- Text) and numbering (1. Text).

In addition, in the messenger you can now select a quote (> Text) and insert code fragments while maintaining the formatting (`Text`).

WhatsApp_Text_Formatting.jpg (58 KB)

New features are already available to all WhatsApp users on Android, iOS, Mac, as well as in the web version of the messenger. But it is not yet known whether the new formatting works in the Windows application.

It should be noted that similar methods for formatting text also exist in Telegram, but there it is implemented much more simply - you just need to select the desired text and select the formatting type in the pop-up menu.

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