Buyers of Apple Vision Pro return it: What is the reason?

February 15, 2024  17:33

Customers in the U.S. who bought Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality devices early on have started returning them to Apple stores because of discomfort, headaches and eye strain during use. Apple gives the opportunity to return the device within two weeks. Vision Pro was put on sale from February 2, the price starts from 3500 dollars.

The main complaints of buyers, why they decided to return them.

  • The weight of the device is not distributed optimally, as a result it pulls down the front of the head,
  • Some have noted that the device reacts a little slowly when moving the head, the same problem is also observed when the accompanying image changes, which causes a feeling of motion sickness,
  • After some time of using the device, eye pain and visual strain appear,
  • The presence of different shaped pads and an adjustable headband does not allow the device to fit equally well on the head of different users,
  • Vision Pro is not suitable for effective operation without proper customization of the software and interface,
  • At the beginning of the sale, only a few applications are customized for the device, most of which are paid.

Previously, Apple published several documents in which they talked about the possible inconvenience of using the Vision Pro device and how to deal with it. In particular, it was stated that in case of experiencing visual discomfort (blurred vision, excess moisture/dryness in the eyes, sensitivity to light and eye pressure), you should stop using Vision Pro and wait for the condition to resolve.

To minimize initial visual discomfort, Apple recommends adjusting the position of the device so that the pressure it creates is balanced on the nose and cheeks. Initially, Vision Pro should be used in short intervals, taking breaks every 20-30 minutes.

Earlier, Tech wrote that the resolution of the screen of the Apple Vision Pro device does not correspond to the announced 4K. in fact, each screen of the device has 3660 x 3200 pixels, while 4K is considered 3840 x 2160 pixels.

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