Samsung develops sensor to non-invasively measure blood glucose levels: When will it be created?

January 24, 2024  14:20

Samsung is currently working on developing a sensor for non-invasive blood glucose level measurement and continuous monitoring of blood pressure. This was revealed by Vice President of the company, Hon Pak, who is leading the project.

According to him, the creation of such a sensor is a step towards integrating health monitoring features into Samsung devices, particularly into the Galaxy Ring smart ring. A hint at the release of this new wearable device was dropped during the presentation of the flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S24. While the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Ring may take place by the end of this year, it is unlikely that the device will feature such a sensor in its first version.

Hon Pak emphasized that creating a device capable of continuously measuring blood pressure and blood glucose levels opens up new possibilities. In his opinion, this is what everyone is striving for, and Samsung is investing "significant resources" into this project.

Currently available tools for measuring blood glucose levels involve skin puncturing, and even if smartwatches perform blood pressure monitoring, it is done intermittently rather than continuously. Additionally, devices for measuring blood pressure need periodic calibration.

Samsung's goal is to create a blood sugar level measurement sensor without skin puncturing, which could indeed be a breakthrough, as well as a sensor for continuous blood pressure measurement capable of operating for an extended period without calibration. However, specific timelines for the implementation of this ambitious project have not been disclosed. Hon Pak only mentioned that the company aims to integrate the non-invasive blood sugar level sensor into commercial products within five years.

Incidentally, Apple also plans to add a hypertension detection feature to its smartwatches towards the end of this year. The device will not require calibration but will not provide absolutely accurate readings; the watches will simply alert the owner to a possible increase in blood pressure and recommend using a blood pressure monitor or consulting a doctor.

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