Nice update in Gmail: Unsubscribing from unnecessary mailings becomes easier

January 22, 2024  16:23

Google's Gmail email service has received a very nice update, thanks to which it has become easier to unsubscribe from mailings in the web version. The unsubscribe option now appears when you hover over an email, which you no longer even have to open.

In the Gmail apps on iOS and Android, the unsubscribe feature is now located in the top bar of an open email rather than in a drop-down menu marked with a three-dot symbol, according to the official Google Workspace blog.

In addition, the “Report spam and unsubscribe” option has disappeared, replaced by the ability to simply unsubscribe from an unwanted address. And the complaint about spam became a separate item. Google explained this change as a reluctance to damage the reputation of companies that use mailing lists for legitimate purposes.

“We know it is common for people to receive unwanted messages, despite initially signing up to receive them from brands or organizations. These messages often originate from legitimate senders, and marking them as spam can negatively impact the sender's email reputation and can potentially affect the deliverability of future emails. For this reason, we're changing the text of the buttons to make it clearer for users to choose between unsubscribing or reporting a message as spam,” the company said in a statement.

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