LG introduces OLED TVs with record brightness: How was this effect achieved?

January 12, 2024  12:19

LG Display showed off a range of interesting monitors at CES 2024: transparent OLEDs of various sizes, 480Hz gaming monitors and advanced OLED TV panels with META 2.0 technology. In the latter, the company seems to have really managed to significantly improve OLED technology and increase the maximum screen brightness by almost one and a half times.

META 2.0 technology offers advanced microlens arrays called Micro Lens Array Plus (MLA+). These are micrometer-sized lenses with a dragonfly eye design that expand the viewing angle of OLED displays to 160 degrees. The 77-inch 4K OLED panel holds 42.2 billion lenses, LG claims. Combined with new algorithms, these lenses make OLED panels 42% brighter than previous generations. LG Display claims that the peak brightness of OLED displays with META 2.0 technology can reach 3000 cd/m2.

Combining MLA+ with a new brightness optimization algorithm improves both peak and color brightness. Thus, new generation OLED displays can reach color brightness of up to 1500 cd/m2 - 114% brighter compared to conventional OLEDs.

The new detail enhancement algorithm also renders very bright and very dark areas of the image more accurately and clearly. In addition, the new technology, according to the manufacturer, provides energy savings.

So far, the company has demonstrated an 83-inch 4K META 2.0 OLED display, and in the future there will also be 55-, 65- and 77-inch options, as well as 8K OLED panels with diagonals up to 88 inches. Such displays are expected to appear in TVs, monitors and other devices and may be able to seriously compete with the latest and brightest MicroLED screens.

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