WhatsApp introduces email authentication

November 21, 2023  16:14

WhatsApp, one of the leading instant messengers in the world, has introduced a new login feature via email. This change, which was rolled out to WhatsApp version 23.24.70 for iOS devices, has been rolled out to all users after initial testing with a limited number of participants in beta versions of the app.

The update provides an alternative authentication method, complementing the traditional SMS option. This feature can be especially useful in situations where the user is outside the coverage area of the cellular operator.

To use the new feature, the user must provide an email address in the application settings. This is easy to do by going to the profile settings menu and selecting the “Account” section. It is important to note that email is used solely for authorization and other users do not see this information. This way, there will be no security or privacy issues.

Although email can now be used to log into the messenger, a valid mobile phone number is still required to communicate with other users through the messenger. This provides convenience and flexibility in using the messenger, giving users additional options for accessing their chats and contacts, especially in conditions of changing network availability.

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