Microsoft releases new patch for Windows 11, new bugs found in it

November 20, 2023  22:20

The latest update to the Windows 11 operating system (KB5032190), designed to fix multiple errors, turned out to be a source of new problems and bugs. Some users who received the update began voicing their complaints on the Reddit forum, citing the following problems:

  • Infinite reboot: Some users' computers go into an endless reboot loop when trying to install an update. As a result, the update will not install.
  • Problems with taskbar icons: Those who were able to update have reported taskbar icons disappearing and becoming unstable. An example of the problem would be opening a completely different application when clicking on the Chrome browser shortcut.

Microsoft is already aware of this issue with disappearing icons, as a similar issue was identified in the previous Windows 11 Moment 4 update. Although it was fixed in the Windows 11 Canary beta, no exact timeline was provided for the patch to be released for stable builds.

At the moment, the only temporary solution to restore the functionality of the icons and taskbar is to restart the computer or restart the File Explorer process.

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