WhatsApp users will lose ability to store some app data for free

November 16, 2023  17:16

Users of the Android version of WhatsApp will no longer be able to store backups of chats and photos on Google Drive for free, as was previously the case.

As reported on the official WhatsApp blog, the changes for beta users will come into force in December of this year, and for all other Android users of the messenger - in the first half of 2024. Users will receive a month's notice before the new rules are introduced.

Google has confirmed that WhatsApp chat backup will continue to work based on available Google Drive space. However, the free plan only comes with 15GB of data, which means some users may need additional cloud storage space - or have to delete unnecessary data. Deleting data on WhatsApp will also delete it from your Google Drive backup.

It should be noted that for WhatsApp users on iOS, these conditions apply from the very beginning. Moreover, Apple only provides 5GB of free cloud storage.

Note that Google Drive backups are used to transfer and save WhatsApp chats and their contents. In case of changing device, the user can log into his account and restore all data through a backup. WhatsApp also provides the option of manual transfer without using cloud storage.

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