Mysterious Ai Pin wearable device with AI GPT model to debut at $1000 price point

October 30, 2023  14:31

A highly anticipated AI-driven wearable device, known as Ai Pin, is rumored to hit the market at a price point of $1,000, with a potential requirement for an additional monthly subscription for cellular service, as reported by The Information. The development of this innovative gadget is attributed to the startup Humane, founded by former Apple executives.

Although the development of Ai Pin has been in progress for several years, the initial insights into the device emerged during the TED conference in April this year. Co-founder Imran Chaudhri showcased the device tucked in his jacket's breast pocket, demonstrating its seamless functionality by effortlessly answering a call and translating speech into French without any physical interaction. The gadget's capabilities reportedly encompass email, messaging, and calendar monitoring, yet precise details regarding these features remain undisclosed. While an initial reveal was scheduled for October 14, the presentation was later postponed to November 9, sparking further curiosity among tech enthusiasts. (206 KB)

Contrary to expectations, the Ai Pin is not a ring but rather a compact device lacking a screen, comparable in size to a saltine cracker, as per The Information. Described to include a camera, microphone, speaker, numerous sensors, and a laser projector, the gadget made its appearance at the Paris Fashion Week earlier in October.

Intended for attachment to clothing, the device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor, delivering smartphone-level performance, wireless speeds, camera capabilities, and security. Humane is strategizing to function as a virtual cellular carrier, utilizing existing infrastructure to provide cellular connectivity for Ai Pin. Co-founder Bethany Bongiorno has characterized the device as a combination of a phone, contextual computer, and a software platform.

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The AI functionalities of Ai Pin are anticipated to rely on an in-house large language model, possibly the GPT model from OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, a primary investor in Humane. Jony Ive, the former chief product designer at Apple, who played a role in the device's development, heads the design firm LoveFrom. Although details regarding the AI model version remain unconfirmed, the device is purported to feature an indicator signifying the activation of the camera, microphone, and other input sensors.

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