Why you must not charge your iPhone next to the bed?

August 19, 2023  11:25

iPhones cannot be charged near the bed. This is stated in the official warning issued by the Apple technology giant.

As reported by the Mirror, the device connected to the charging cable must not be placed near the bed; otherwise, it can lead to fire, electric shock, and injury, damage to the smartphone or property.

The manufacturer recommends charging phones in a well-ventilated area and away from sleeping areas. It is extremely important to avoid situations where the device is under a blanket or pillow, as this can lead to serious consequences, the device can even break.

"Do not sleep on the device, power adapter or wireless charger, do not place it under a blanket, pillow or body while the device is connected to a power source," the message reads.

Apple also notes that the risk of fire may increase if third-party chargers are used. Cheaper accessories may not meet the company's safety standards, which increases the risk of dangerous situations.

Let's remind that cases of phones catching fire happen quite often.

Thus, recently the Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone caught fire and melted while charging next to the sleeping owner.

In the case of another citizen, his recently purchased Redmi Note 12 Pro smartphone caught fire in his pocket while he was working in the field.

Recently, the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone also exploded, while the phone was in standby mode, neither in use nor charging.

Recently, an iPhone 4 that was being charged caught fire in the USA, the fire was later extinguished. The camera installed in the kitchen captured the moment of the fire. None of the residents of the house were injured.

However, there are more tragic cases. for example, an 8-year-old girl died this year due to the explosion of the Redmi Note 5 Pro battery in India. Forensic examination showed that the battery exploded due to overheating, even though the phone was not charging at the time.

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