WhatsApp and Viber now have a caller ID from Yandex: It will warn you about scammers and spam

August 7, 2023  12:11

The Russian company Yandex has launched a caller ID for calls in WhatsApp and Viber messengers, which will help in the fight against unwanted calls from scammers.

According to Yandex representatives, the new caller ID warns users about calls that may be related to fraud, spam, advertising, or even calls from various services, such as delivery services, banks and medical institutions. Such an innovation can significantly increase the level of security in the world of digital communications.

To connect the determinant, you need to install the Yandex with Alice application. The innovation is available in WhatsApp and Viber applications in iOS and Android operating systems. In Telegram the new function is not yet supported.

According to company representatives, the Yandex call detection service uses data from open sources and from partners to ensure maximum reliability of information. This is an additional step towards increasing security and protecting users from fraud in the world of online communications.

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