New feature in WhatsApp: It is already possible to communicate with those whose numbers are not recorded in the phone book of the smartphone

July 18, 2023  16:28

In the new version of the popular WhatsApp messenger, it became possible to communicate even with those people whose numbers are not recorded in the phone book of the smartphone. This feature will please users who are annoyed by the fact that they had to add new contacts to the phone book.

According to WABetaInfo, in the new version of the messenger, you can start chatting with a person simply by selecting the “Start a new chat” option and entering his number in the window that opens. The contact will be displayed in the search results, if it is provided by the privacy settings, and it will be possible to write a message to him.

In the past, it was possible to start chatting with a person on WhatsApp only after adding his number to the phone book.

The new option is available to all users of the latest public version of the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS. You can install the new version (or update the old one to the new one) on Google Play or the App Store.

In the latest updates of the messenger, two interesting features have appeared that will facilitate the use of the application and make correspondence even more convenient -- filtering of correspondence and hints with stickers.

Among other important updates, users of the WhatsApp messenger for Android at the end of May 2023 were able to edit their messages within 15 minutes after sending. Shortly thereafter, users of the iOS version also received this feature.

Recently, WhatsApp also introduced a new feature that protects users from spam calls, as well as the ability to record and send 60-second round video messages, like in the Telegram messenger.

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