Stable Volume: New, convenient feature launches on YouTube

July 18, 2023  12:21

YouTube has a new feature called Stable Volume. Company representatives have not yet officially announced this innovation, but it was noticed by famous technology blogger M. Brandon Lee.

According to the provided screenshots, the automatic volume control switch has appeared in the settings section under the Backlight feature, reports Android Authority. To check if you already have this feature, you need to go to the settings while watching a video on YouTube.


Users who have already tested the new feature note that the switch equalizes the sound level of videos. That means it smooths out extremely loud moments in shouts or background sounds, and boosts extremely low volume parts in videos.

The new feature enables to provide a more comfortable and balanced audio experience on the YouTube platform without having to manually adjust the volume during playback.

The Stable Volume feature is currently available only to some users of the YouTube app; it is not yet available to most Android and iOS users.

The innovation is expected to be introduced in the next YouTube update and will be available to all users on both mobile platforms.

YouTube recently stopped supporting short videos called Stories.

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