How could you be scammed because of your interest in the new social network Threads?

July 13, 2023  20:20

The new social network Threads is growing at a tremendous speed, but at the same time, the number of phishing resources that offer subscriber promotion services and offer users to install the application in unofficial ways is also increasing. Behind such resources, as a rule, there are criminals who have very specific goals: to deceive you and embezzle your money.

According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, fraudulent resources targeting users of the new social network have appeared in both ".com" and ".ru" domains. However, not only ordinary users can be affected by fraud attacks, but also businesses that are actively registering on the new network.

Specialists of Kaspersky Laboratory reported that the attackers launched fraudulent resources, with the help of which it is possible to promote subscribers in Threads for free.

"People are offered to participate in a prize draw for which they have to pay, as a result users lose money," says Olga Svistunova, senior content analyst at Kaspersky Laboratory.  

In another scheme, scammers offer users to invest in Threads Coins, a cryptocurrency that does not actually exist: if you swallow the bait of this scam, you will simply lose the money you tried to "invest".

Some scammers also offer to install the social network application through unofficial ways: fake resources send users to Google Drive, from where the user downloads the malware-infected APK file and installs it. In addition, fake accounts of projects allegedly working with cryptocurrency began to appear on the social network itself.

F.A.C.C.T. (formerly Group-IB) has confirmed that at least recently 23 new domains have appeared in the ".ru" domain allegedly linked to Threads. These are unofficial resources and are similar to information resources, which means that in the near future they can be used for phishing. Therefore, it is recommended to be wary of any unofficial resource that offers anything related to the new social network.

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