Immersive maps, cloud with NVIDIA H100 26,000 accelerator and honest reviews. 3 interesting innovations from Google

May 11, 2023  16:09

In addition to new smartphones, a tablet, and an updated search engine with built-in artificial intelligence, Google introduced several other exciting innovations to the world at an event yesterday, including maps with "immersive effect", a cloud with access to 26,000 NVIDIA H100 accelerators, and a Perspectives section in which experiences and opinions of different people on different topics are included without SEO optimization.

Weather and traffic visualization: immersive maps

Street View 3D maps were once something innovative and unusual, but today they are already perceived as ordinary and boring. Google introduced the new Immersive View maps mode, which will allow you to explore the route from the inside by visualizing the weather, traffic and other features.

The technology allows for the creation of 3D street maps based on Street View images and aerial photography data, to which the necessary information is then attached. The user can interactively track and explore the entire route of interest. Furthermore, weather conditions and traffic intensity for a specific time period can be added if desired.


Unfortunately, the new mode allows you to "study" only 15 cities of the world in this way. The service is scheduled to launch in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo and Venice in the coming months.

When the service is officially launched, software and app developers will get tools to integrate it into their own development (travel guides where you can mark restaurants and attractions on a 3D map, apps for buying and selling real estate, etc.).

26,000 NVIDIA H100 accelerators on Google Cloud

During the Google I/O Developer Conference, the company also unveiled the Google Compute Engine A3 supercomputers, which use state-of-the-art processors, fast memory, NVIDIA accelerators, and Intel IPUs to deliver the best performance for machine learning workloads.

A3 virtual machine includes:

  • 8 NVIDIA H100 Hopper accelerators;
  • NVIDIA NVSwitch switches with NVLink 4.0, which provide 3.6 TB/s of bandwidth between accelerators;
  • Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors;
  • 2 TB DDR5-4800 RAM,
  • 200 Gb/s IPU, dedicated GPU↔GPU inter-server communication stack and NCCL optimizations.

26,000 H100 accelerators are integrated into an AI-powered cloud supercomputer with up to 26 FLOPS of performance. By comparison, Microsoft Azure's AB supercomputers combine tens of thousands of accelerators using InfiniBand and NVIDIA DPUs. The same approach is used by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which holds the record with 32,768 accelerators. Finally, thanks to EFA, up to 20,000 accelerators can be combined in AWS.


A3 users will have the option to run the virtual machine independently or as a managed service, with Google doing most of the work. A3 can also be used on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Vertex AI.

Note that access to A3 virtual machines is currently only available after signing up for the preview waitlist.

Perspectives: real people reviews without SEO optimization

People who want to know the honest opinions of other people or get information without SEO optimization, in addition to the main query, also write the word "Reddit" in the search bar, so that the results also include pages of the popular platform where people share their personal experiences. For people who want honest reviews, Google provides a Perspectives section, where texts with subjective opinions written by ordinary people will appear.


Available in the "coming weeks," Perspectives will appear at the top of all search results, along with news, images, videos, books and other search sections. If you click on the appropriate tab, it will take you to a page that looks more like Pinterest than a regular Google search. The section will include links to Reddit comments, YouTube videos, data from Stack Overflow and other data posted by people in various communities, blog posts and other material that Google's search algorithms will consider to be copyrighted content. 

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