Google accidentally transferred $10-1000 to several Google Pay users։ Not everyone had to pay back the money

April 7, 2023  19:48

Google accidentally transferred between $10 and $1,000 to several Google Pay users' accounts. Some even received multiple payouts totaling between $100 and $700.

Later, the company had to apologize for its mistake, but not everyone had to return the money received: the company decided not to demand the money back from those who had already spent it.


According to developer Mishaal Rahman, the amount in the form of cashback was sent through the Google Pay Reward program for participating in the testing of the Google Pay Remittance trial version. According to him, usually the company's employees or partner testers participate in such programs. But in early April, there was a system glitch that accidentally distributed payments to regular users for allegedly participating in the program.


Some time after the incident, Google sent an e-mail to the users who received money, in which they were informed about the error that occurred and the start of the procedure to cancel the accrual of these funds.

The company also clarified that if the payment cannot be canceled (for example, the user transferred this money to another account or spent it), then Google decided to leave the money as a gift to the user and will not request a refund.

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