Float Run: Sony introduces new headset specifically for runners

January 27, 2023  16:01

Sony introduced a new model of headphones, which is specially adapted for those who like to run. Float Run does not cover the ears and fastens around the neck.

The new headset is protected against moisture and dust, according to the IPX4 standard, and weighs 33 grams. This enables to use the device during running training—and without feeling any discomfort.

The headset is equipped with 16mm speakers and supports AAC and SBC codecs. It is noted that Float Run can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Float Run.jpg (257 KB)

It is noteworthy that the headset is attached around the neck, and the speakers are located directly in front of the external auditory canal and do not block the ear. Sony noted that this solution enables to avoid the accumulation or blockage of sweat in the ear during training. In addition, this design helps the user hear the surrounding sounds, and this provides additional safety—especially in urban environments.

Float Run will hit the market in February and is only available in black and white. The headset will cost $130. The package includes the device itself, the charging cable, and a small bag to keep the device in it.

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