Bad news for Apple tablet lovers: New iPad Air will not get improved screen

April 25, 2024  22:14

The 13-inch screen of the new iPad Air will not be improved: the tablet will be equipped with a classic LCD matrix, and not mini-LED, as previously expected. Such information, as reported by MacRumors, came from Ross Young, CEO and analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants.

Initially, Young suggested that the iPad Air with a 13-inch screen could receive a mini-LED matrix, possibly left over from the production of the current generation 13-inch iPad Pro model.

However, according to Young's new data, Apple abandoned this idea due to the high cost of the panels: using mini-LED matrices would mean increasing the cost of the iPad Air, which would not be consistent with the company's pricing policy.

However, Young claims that Apple will release another iPad in the fourth quarter of 2024, which will likely feature a mini-LED screen. This tablet could be either a premium version of the iPad Air or a budget version of the iPad Pro.

Mini-LED technology offers several advantages over LCD, such as higher brightness when playing HDR content, deep blacks and low power consumption.

Let us remind you that the announcement of the new 13-inch iPad Air along with the iPad Pro is expected on May 7, 2024 at 18:00 Yerevan time. The presentation will be held online and will be available on the Apple website, as well as on the company's official YouTube channel.

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