Durability level 80: Apple Watch Ultra ‘survives’ hammer blows but table below it cracks

September 26, 2022  11:10

The Apple Watch Ultra is considered the most durable, the “most rugged and capable smartwatch.” Its titanium case and the sapphire screen, according to the manufacturer, can endure serious “trials.” And the author of the YouTube channel TechRax decided to check if this is true.

During the endurance test, he dropped the watch on the floor, put it in a container with nails, and also hit it with a hammer several times. The watch really withstood all those tests. Even the table under the watch was cracked, but the glass of the clock ended up with a few small scratches only.

First, the blogger dropped the watch on the floor from about 1.2 meters. It remained almost undamaged, but a few scratches appeared on the titanium case.

Then the blogger put the watch in a container with nails and shook it well. As it turned out, the nails also did not seriously damage the Apple Watch Ultra.

The watch withstood multiple hammer blows, too. The screen of the watch went off only after many blows, when the table on which the gadget was placed had already cracked. Even then the protective glass of the watch did not crack, though the internal components of the watch were already damaged.

Later, however, the blogger managed to break the glass as well—but not without difficulty.

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